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How can I collaborate via NWO?

Companies and other organisations can collaborate with researchers within an NWO project. That can be done in the following ways:
You can help fund a research project as a partner and this is also referred to as cash co-funding. The possibilities depend on the budget available and the influence that you wish to have on the research question.
Together with the researchers (and possibly other partners) you can submit a project proposal to NWO. You contribute 10 to 40 percent of the research budget and NWO supplements this.
Together with NWO you can set up a programme around a research question. Researchers can subsequently submit research proposals that fit within the programme. You are then closely involved in the formulation of the research questions and monitoring of the research. You contribute 30 to 50 percent of the programme costs and NWO supplements this.
Facilitating and participating
In combination with a financial contribution it is also possible to connect with the research by sharing your organisation's expertise. NWO refers to this as 'in kind co-funding'. This low-threshold option can, for example, be interesting for organisations with a limited budget.
It is also possible to enter into a collaboration by making research facilities available. Examples of this are laboratories, data centres or telescopes. Conversely, within a project that you participate in you can also gain the opportunity to use the research facilities of other partners. Furthermore, you can carry out part of the scientific research within the project and therefore make a contribution to developing the final result.

Whichever form of collaboration you choose, participation in a project at the NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences (TTW) offers you access to the close network of researchers and other partners within that project. We call these networks user committees.