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Is my IP protected?

NWO offers researchers and the partners they collaborate with the option to make their own agreements about intellectual property and publications that emerge from TTW research. One of those options is to make an allocation on the basis of the contributions that the various partners make to the research. Based on the allocation key, the non-exclusive rights can also be allocated to just one of the partners. In addition to this, there is the possibility to exclusively acquire rights to knowledge that emerges from a TTW project by paying a fee in line with the prevailing market rate.
It is also possible to choose an approach in which NWO takes the lead in making agreements about intellectual property. In that case the intellectual property policy of NWO will be followed. NWO offers this service if companies (such as SMEs) and knowledge institutions want to collaborate but do not have enough opportunity to take the lead themselves. 
Would you like to know more about the legal options that NWO Domain AES offers with respect to intellectual property? Then please contact one of the staff of the Legal Affairs department.