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Open Technology Programme

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The Open Technology Programme (OTP) focuses on scientific and technical research and is characterised by an absence of disciplinary boundaries. OTP reseach proposals can be submitted on a continuous basis: there is no deadline for the Open Technology Programme. To do so, click on the red button ‘Apply now’ on the left.

Research proposals are assessed by international and independent experts on the basis of specific questions about excellent scientific quality and utilisation. The research proposal, the referee’s comments and the applicant’s rebuttal together form a protocol, on which the jury establishes an order of priority. The board eventually makes allocation decisions based on this prioritisation. Jury members are generally sent twenty research proposals with accompanying protocols. AES sets up a user committee for every project.  

The Open Technology Programme has a budget of 21.5 million euro for 2018. In 2017, around 30 percent of the applications were successful.

For more information please contact the AES Program Officer in your specialist area.

Renewed Brochure text OTP from 1 August 2017
Since 1 May 2017, new NWO Grant rules 2017 are in force. This does not affect application procedures or the current policy of NWO Domain AES, such as Intellectual Property and Public Policy. STW's General Conditions will expire. These terms are now included in the NWO Grant rules 2017 and in the brochures (calls for proposals). The OTP is NWO Domain AES’s first funding instrument based on the NWO Grant rules 2017. The brochure text has therefore been adapted. The biggest change is that the task and process of the user committee are described in a separate document, 'Users Committee Guidelines'. STW's General Conditions shall remain in force for applications and projects to which STW General conditions apply now. The brochures and granting decisions based thereon always refer to the applicable arrangements. Read more about the new NWO Grant rules for NWO Domain AES.

From 1 July 2017, the new staff rates for the 'Employee Agreement NWO / VSNU' will be in force. Note: For NWO Domain AES, these rates are still without a raise for the risk of unemployment. For applications submitted after 30 June 2017, the new rates should be included in the financial planning.

Data management protocol
All calls for proposals published since 1 October 2016 onwards include the data management protocol. For more information, please see NWO
's data management protocol, the Open Technology Programme Guidelines and the form Data management section).

Submitting a proposal
To submit an OTP-proposal in ISAAC, click on the 'Apply now' button on the left hand side of this webpage.

Documents needed for submitting an OTP-project:

In the ‘Guidelines for financing applications’ notes on several topes can be found e.g.:

  • Intellectual Property & Publication arrangements
  • Co-funding
  • Requirements for AES Letters of Support
  • Personnel positions
  • Project-specific costs
  • Required forms
  • Assessment procedure (including Evaluations items and Evaluation scales)


Henry van der Valk