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Simon Stevin Gezel 2017

This year’s nominees for the Simon Stevin Gezel prize have been announced. All three nominees have recently obtained their doctorate in research projects funded by AES. They have been selected for both their exceptional academic work, as well as their efforts the application of the research results.


Dr. Nynke van den Berg’s research was mainly focused on clinical applications of several novel image guided surgical technologies.

Dr. Floris van den Brink developed a microreactor for electrochemical conversion in drug screening and proteomics.

Dr. Bart Macco used atom layer deposition to create new nano layers that play a key role in the development of novel silicon-based solar cells; so-called heterojunction solar cells.

Visitors of AES’s TEKNOWLOGY congress will vote for the winner of the Simon Stevin Gezel prize. The winner will be presented with a budget of 5000 euros, intended for activities that align with the goals of NWO Domain AES. The runner-up and the third candidate will receive a budget of 2000 euros and 1000 euros respectively.