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NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences's first annual congress, TEKNOWLOGY, took place on 9 November, 2017 at the Rijtuigenloods in Amersfoort.

TEKNOWLOGY is the Dutch festival where technology, science, innovation and valorisation meet. On November 9th, NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences (AES) showed the visitor the technical innovations of the future and how Dutch science is prepared for it. The programme offered many (international) speakers, lectures and workshops, as well as an innovation parade with inspiring examples from the applied research of AES.

Read the review of TEKNOWLOGY 2017 (in Dutch).

In the competition “Open Mind” the best original research ideas with societal impact were rewarded. Special attention was paid to Andrew Webb, who received the Simon Stevin Meester Prize worth 500,000 euros. The chair of the day was Vivianne Bendermacher. An overview of all awards at TEKNOWLOGY can be found here (in Dutch).



09:30 hrs

opening demo market
opening NWO booth
10:00 hrs
Welcome Jaap Schouten, Chair NWO Domain AES Herry Nijhuis, Director NWO Domain AES
10:10 hrs     
Keynote Prof.dr. Nick Ramsey (UMC Utrecht)
Breaking Barriers, connecting Brains to Machines
plenary session

11:00 hrs


Open Mind contest - Surprising Research Ideas with Impact
by invitation only, a local live stream is available

11:00 hrs

  • Optimizing sleep in elite athletes – From theory to evidence-based intervention - Arne Nieuwenhuys and Melanie Knufinke 
  • Autonomous Driving - Julian Kooij and Sjoerd van der Zwaan
  • Communicating Science in the real world - Julia Cramer
  • More in-time ambulance arrivals by applying mathematical models in the dispatch center - Martin van Buuren

11:00 hrs  
Workshops for young researchers
  • What a personality! - Mark van der Zwan
  • How to TEDx - Paulien Weikamp

The workshops for young researchers are presented by ElroyCOM Training.

12:10 hrs


Simon Stevin Gezel 2017 contest

  • Nynke van den Berg (Leiden University Medical Center)
  • Floris van den Brink (University  of Twente)
  • Bart Macco (Eindhoven University of Technology)

12.30 hrs


Lunch & demo market
VIP-lunch voor young researchers (by invitation only)

13.30 hrs

13.35 hrs


Results of the Simon Stevin Gezel contest

Simon Stevin Meester 2017 - Prof.dr. Andrew Webb (LUMC)
Award Ceremony and keynote lecture 

14.30 hrs   Workshops
  • Communicating science in the real world - Julia Cramer
  • Really cool prospects? What should urban water bodies of the future look like? - Sanda Lenzholzer and João Cortesão
  • Energy and LED lighting in horticulture - Leo Marcelis, Rachel Schipper and Celine Nicole
  • Technology is for everyone - Rolf Hut
  • Urban mining - Jaap Vandehoek

14.30 hrs

Workshops for young researchers
  • What a personality! - Mark van der Zwan
  • Effective networking - Paulien Weikamp

The workshops for young researchers are presented by ElroyCOM Training.

15.30 hrs


Open Mind Award Ceremony
5 winning Surprising Research Ideas with Impact

16.00 hrs


Keynote Yuri van Geest (Singularity University)
plenary session

17.00 hrs


Closing ceremony and drinks
demo market

Simon Stevin Gezel
Visitors of TEKNOWLOGY voted for their favourite nominee for the Simon Stevin Gezel 2017 title. The nominees obtained their doctorate during the past year in research projects funded by AES. The nominees were Nynke van den Berg, Floris van den Brink and Bart Macco. The three PhD candidates excel in their field of study and work actively and successfully to apply their research results. The winner was announced at TEKNOWLOGY: Floris van den Brink.