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Open Technology Programme

The Open Technology Programme (OTP) of NWO Domain Applied and Technical Sciences (TTW, formerly Technology Foundation STW) is intended for projects across the full range of technical scientific research. There are no themes in the OTP, and research proposals can be submitted throughout the year. High scientific quality and utilisation are the two criteria on which applications are assessed by international independent reviewers. The research proposal, the referees’ comments and the rebuttal of the applicants together form the basis on which the jury members determine the prioritisation. The final decision on awarding the grants is taken by the TTW Board. For each project, a user committee is set up.

New guidelines
With effect of 1 February 2017, new guidelines for applying for funding have been introduced for the Open Technology Programme

The most important changes are:
• Material credit and investment credit are included in the application budget
• After the possible awarding, the grant will be paid in installments to the main applicant

If you have any questions about the new guidelines, please contact the TTW office.

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Open Technology Programme

Het Open Technologieprogramma is bedoeld voor projecten over de hele breedte van het technisch-wetenschappelijke onderzoek
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