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SOil Sealing by Enhanced Aluminum and DOM Leaching (SoSEAL)

Project number 
Project leader T.J. Heimovaara
Technische Universiteit Delft
Afdeling Geoscience & Engineering
Toegepaste Geologie

Type project 
End date 
30 June 2018
Geologie/ geofysica

Water management in low lying Delta Areas in many cases requires control of infiltration or seepage of water. We aim to develop a bio-based geo-engineering technology for in-situ permeability reduction that will be applied to reduce the infiltration loss or the seepage burden due the unwanted flow of water through highly permeable layers in the sub-surface. Naturally occurring processes involving the precipitation of organic matter and aluminum reduce the permeability. We aim to utilize the great potential of these natural processes for engineering purposes. Members of the user group provide access to casestudy sites, provide existing data and enable and facilitate the acquisition of new data. In addition, they will also carry out a field test based on the proposed in-situ technology. Development of applied in-situ technology and fundamental insight to processes are parallel processes in this program.

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