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Partnership NWO Domain TTW-Nutricia

1 June 2017
2.850.000 euro
3 October 2017 - 2:00pm
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The World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledges that the majority of priority medicines are in one way or another linked to immune- and inflammatory related disorders. Since the immune system influences the majority of physiological functions, factors that impact the immune system will have a wide range of short and long-term effects on well-being or disease manifestations throughout life.

The immune system should be “fit” in order to deal with and recover from the many challenges it faces. The newly introduced term “Immune Fitness” refers to a resilient immune system with an inbuilt capacity to adapt to challenges by establishing, maintaining and regulating an appropriate immune response. One of the important tasks of the immune system is the ability to distinguish “good” from bad: eliminate harmful agents, such as bacteria or viruses, but tolerate harmless ones, such as food.

This immune response should be of optimal strength: neither too weak (hypo-responsive) which will increase the risk of infections, nor too strong (hyper-responsive) potentially resulting in allergy, chronic inflammation or auto-immunity.

The Partnership programme NWO Domain TTW – Nutricia focusses on the development and understanding of “New concepts for specialized nutrition that influence immune fitness”, especially infant and medical nutrition.

The objective of this Partnership programme is to stimulate translational research in immune fitness: from scientific, mechanistic ideas, to nutritional concepts that influence immune fitness, to benefits in specific health areas, in other words, from ingredients to the (proof of concept) pilot trials in humans.

We invite scientists from universities and university medical centres to submit dedicated proposals aligned with the scope of the programme that may provide answers to the scientific and technological challenges described in the brochure of this call.

Proposals (see format below) need to be submitted to NWO Domain TTW before Tuesday 3 October 2017, 14.00 CE(S)T via the online application system ISAAC. Applications not submitted via ISAAC will not be considered. Of note, please contact Nutricia as soon as possible and discuss the fit of your project idea to the programme.

You will be able to find the documents related to the Partnership Call: “New concepts for specialized nutrition that influence Immune Fitness”, through the following links:

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