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Industry and other partners

NWO gives companies and other organisations the opportunity to invest in research that connects with their own research wishes. By participating in scientific projects via NWO Domain AES, investors can play a key role in the development of valuable innovation. 
Advantages of collaborating with NWO
  • We translate your research needs into a sharp research question
  • We provide tailored solutions in collaborations between companies and researchers
  • We organise selection of the best research proposals
  • We provide access to strong networks of researchers and investors
  • We stimulate entrepreneurship arising from knowledge institutions
  • We facilitate the utilisation of scientific knowledge
Tailored solutions

NWO has 35 years of experience in establishing and guiding collaborations between companies and academic researchers. Based on this experience we offer many possibilities for collaboration. In addition, we offer tailored solutions for setting up large-scale, application-oriented research programmes between academic researchers and partners.
Innovative starters

NWO also supports entrepreneurship arising from universities, universities of applied sciences and other knowledge institutions. Researchers who would like to set up a business based on knowledge from scientific research can apply for various types of funding. For this group of researchers, NWO offers the Take-off and Demonstrator funding programmes.
Curious about the possibilities for your organisation? Then take a look at the various funding programmes or contact the valorisation coordinator Xavier Weenink or one of the other office staff at NWO Domain AES.