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TTW Focus

Using video kymography to take a better look at how vocal folds work

Specially developed camera records movement of vocal folds for video analysis.

M More for less: MEMS memory for energy-efficient data storage

An energy-efficient and affordable system for data storage for photo and video cameras, mobile phones and computers.

A meniscus of plastic

An implant of porous polymer helps damaged cartilage in a meniscus to recover.

Precision system destroys potato plants in beet field

A smart sprayer that controls unwanted crops with high precision.

Using nematodes to measure soil health

A rapid, accurate and efficient analysis method to determine soil quality based on nematode numbers and species.

PARSAX radar examines development and lifespan of water droplets in clouds

The PARSAX radar has a far higher resolution than standard radar systems and can therefore be used to study small particles such as water droplets in clouds.

Measuring skin circulation with fast cameras

A high-speed camera measures the reflection of laser light from under the skin. This provides information about the health of the blood vessels.

Mini-laboratory measures lithium in blood for manic depressives

With a disposable “lab-on-a-chip” a patient can determine the lithium level in his or her own blood to check if the medication is still adequate.

Rearing eels

Rearing fish is difficult because they often fail to become sexually mature. Then they cannot reproduce. STW research has laid the basis for the successful rearing of eels.

Sustainable windmills

Windmills suffer from vibrations caused by unpredictable winds and wind gusts. Flaps on the rotor blades can neutralise the effects of such vibrations.