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4. Biomarker Development Center (Biomarker-DC)

Molecular diagnostics and personalized medicine hold great promise in reducing the cost of health care while providing more appropriate treatments for an ageing population. Molecular diagnostics is indispensable when it comes to the early detection of disease to allow timely intervention, disease prevention, assessment of drug toxicity and the development of novel, tailor-made therapeutics. Specific and sensitive biomarkers are at the core of this new approach to health care.
However, translation of the many biomarker candidates from discovery through validation to actual diagnostic or prognostic tests is an inefficient process, which renders the often extensive discovery efforts useless in terms of bringing benefit to patients and the society at large. By creating a Biomarker Development Center in the Netherlands we will strive to overcome the technical challenges that prevent us from translating promising biomarker candidates into clinical practice.
The Biomarker Development Center (Biomarker-DC) will bring partners from universities, university medical centers and research institutes together with industrial partners to develop a professional pipeline for biomarker validation in a multi-center setting. The Biomarker-DC will work as an open innovation development platform that allows new partners to step in and have their biomarkers validated according to transparent guidelines that address the possibility of commercialization of clinically relevant biomarkers.
Biomarker-DC will focus initially on Alzheimer Disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Diabetes Type-II (metabolic syndrome). The initiative is driven by clinical and analytical groups from the University of Groningen, the University Medical Center Groningen, the Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam, the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center and TNO Quality of Life. The initiative welcomes further partners both from academia and industry to form a network of excellence in biomarker research, development and commercialization.

Rainer Bischoff (UGroningen), Theo Luider (Erasmus MC Rotterdam), Ron Wevers (UMC Nijmegen), Alain van Gool (TNO).
Rainer Bischoff
Contact person: Rainer Bischoff;, University of Groningen, Department of Pharmacy, Analytical Biochemistry, Antonius Deusinglaan 1, 9713 AV Groningen; P: +31 (50) 363 3338. M: +31 (6) 52 000 506.