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Participatory City Making

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Dr. I.J. MulderTechnische Universiteit Delft
Faculteit Industrieel Ontwerpen
Type project 
1 oktober 2016
30 september 2018
Research Through Design
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The increasing complexity today’s cities face asks for a different way of City Making. This new city making process is not only about bringing various disciplines together that address urban developments, but foremost to establish a collaborative effort of defining a new way of working between professional designers, academics, policy makers and citizens. Incumbent actors typically follow more routine based thinking and behaviour, while addressing complex societal challenges requires more radical (social)
innovation. The proposed Participatory City Making project considers the collaborative construction of new visions through small-scale experimenting as a way of triggering a process of broader change and transformation. Hereto, a new toolset is provided enabling heterogeneous stakeholders to participate actively as well as to explore the collaborative envisioned potential and articulate their own role in the new city making process.