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Deadline indienen Novel Antibacterial Compounds and Therapies Antagonizing Resistance

27 juni 2017
The aim of this program is to deliver new bioactive compounds and alternatives to antibiotics aimed at curing human infectious diseases caused by MDR bacteria. This includes the use of microbial hosts and methodologies to synthesize new bioactive compounds and semi-synthetic variants, characterization of their antimicrobial activity and their efficacy in infectious disease animal models. We foresee many potential patent applications, and opportunities for small-to-medium enterprises to interact with academia.
Deadline pre-proposals
Pre-proposals (see format below) need to be submitted to NWO Domain AES before Tuesday 27th of June 2017, 14.00 CE(S)T via email to  Applications sent to any other email address and/or arriving after the deadline (date and time) will not be considered.