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Energy-efficient computer-brain interaction

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Prof.dr. H. Corporaal
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Type project 
1 november 2014
28 februari 2018
Robust design of cyber-physical systems (CPS)

The goal of this project is to develop generic methods and tools for energy-autonomous systems. Energy autonomous devices either at start-up have sufficient energy capacity for the whole operational life of the device, or they need energy scavenging mechanisms to harvest energy during its operational lifetime. Furthermore, processing and communication needs to be aware of the available energy. There are various reasons why it is advantageous for devices to be energy autonomous: e.g. because battery replacement is not possible (e.g. the device is implanted in the body). The project focusses on EEG monitoring as driver case.

Update April 2018: tutorial at prestigious conference
Professor Jeroen Voeten (Eindhoven University of Technology) is invited to present a tutorial at the international prestigious conference Cyber-Physical System Week in Portugal (18-21 April 2018). Next generation of extreme high-throughput – high-precision cyber-physical systems pose tremendous design challenges for the control of these systems. The design of both loop control and supervisory control are problematic. The tutorial at the conference presents state-of-the-art methods and results in these directions and illustrates how they glue together to guarantee the desired system-level behaviours.

Read more about the tutorial co-presented by Jeroen Voeten.