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Expos & demos at TEKNOWLOGY 2017

This year's editition of TEKNOLOGY will showcase several technologies that were developed in TTW funded research:
  • The Metronome / Maarten Kleinhans, University of Utrecht
  • Water purification / Steef de Valk, Delft University of Technology 
  • Scale model Hexapod / Paula van Lieshout, Delft University of Technology
  • Robotic Fish / Ming Cao, University of Groningen
  • Bio-refinery / Michael Boot, Vertoro BV
  • Innovative microscope / Peter Drent, Confocal BV
  • Digital X-ray test / Koen Vincken, University Medical Center Utrecht
  • Membrane materials / Benjamin Chatillon, Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Fluorescence guidance and GPS-like navigation as innovative tools to improve prostate cancer surgery / Fijs van Leeuwen, Leiden University Medical Center