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Quantum-Dot Based Luminescent Solar Concentrators

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Prof. dr. D.A.M. Vanmaekelbergh

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18 juni 2016
18 juni 2022
STW-IWT bilaterale OTP-projecten
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To satisfy society’s future electricity demand, photovoltaic solar energy will play an important role. Luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs) are a PV application that allows widespread integration of PV based on aesthetically appealing energy harvesting technology at low cost. This project aims at increasing LSC efficiency, using colloidal quantum dots (QDs) and rods, employing downconversion and developing anisotropic emission. These quantum dots have tunable absorption and emission spectrum and are photochemically stable in a variety of matrix materials. This project involves nanocrystal engineering of Cd-free quantum dots, as well as designing quantum rods that are macroscopically aligned. Moreover, various pathways towards a scalable implementation of QD-LSCs will be explored in close collaboration with industrial partners, with a focus on low-cost laminated structures where the QDs are embedded in thin film coatings. Realistic outdoor testing on devices will be performed to map the full application range of QD-LSCs and pave the way for edifice-integrated solar light conversion.