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Tools to tackle environmental health problems

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One ministry, four other governmental bodies and one company are involved in this project.
Projectleider M.C.J. Hornikx
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Faculteit Bouwkunde
Fysische Aspecten van de Gebouwde Omgeving (FAGO)
Type project 
16 februari 2016
2 mei 2022
Open Technologieprogramma
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To combat health-induced effects related to air pollution, high temperatures, wind and noise in the built environment, sophisticated techniques to predict the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) wind flow and acoustic fields are needed. This interdisciplinary project brings together specialists from both fields to bring forward these numerical techniques for large urban areas. The modelling accuracy for different kinds of ABL flow for the most commonly used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods will be increased and an open-source computational acoustic (CA) method will be further developed to predict atmospheric sound propagation, including the effects of the wind field and atmospheric turbulence. Moreover, an experimental campaign will be launched to collect validation data for the numerical models. The CFD tools and CA tools will be available for (end) users to tackle environmental health problems. Keywords: Environmental health, environmental noise, computational acoustics, computational fluid dynamics.