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Partnership NWO Domain TTW-Holland Innovative Potato

20 september 2018
2.850.000 euro
25 januari 2018 - 2:00pm
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There has been some uncertainty about the budget possibilities for the DLO capacity in the TTW-HIP partnership call. Originally this budget was restricted to personnel costs only. However, it appeared that DLO capacity normally consists of both personnel costs and material credit, and that there is a clear need for budget for the latter. We therefore inform you that material credit is now allowed as part of the contribution of the DLO capacity and that TTW hence deviates from the call text on this specific topic only.

We fully understand that these changes offer new possibilities for drafting a research plan and personnel budget. In order to provide all applicants with sufficient time to fully utilise these new possibilities, TTW has decided to extend the deadline to Thursday January 25th, at 14.00h CET sharp.

Please note, that the common agreements between DLO and EZ are in place for the material credit that is part of the DLO capacity budget.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Tamara van Mölken should you have any further questions.

Holland Innovative Potato

Potato is a great carrier of nutritional value, well appreciated in many food products, eaten 3-5 times a week by consumers of all age. Potato is a balanced food with starch for energy and vitamins and minerals with high bio-availability. As the third world, staple crop potato is highly relevant to contribute to wellbeing and healthy ageing by bringing nutrition with calories to people and to feed the world responsibly.

Potato breeding and processing are knowledge intensive. Current developments in science and technology open new opportunities for variety and product innovation. The Partnership programme NWO Domain TTW – H.I.P. aims “To improve yield, quality and stability of potato production”, especially through agronomy, genetics and their interaction.

The objective of this Partnership programme is come to a thorough understanding of agronomy to increase the economic yield, quality and stability (higher average, less variance) as a function of the most important management factors in potato culture. Secondly, this partnership aims to provide insight in the genetics related to stable economic yield and quality.

We invite scientists to submit a dedicated research proposal aligned with the scope of the programme that provide answers to the scientific and technological challenges in application areas of potato breeding and processing as described in the brochure of this call.

Proposals (see format below) need to be submitted to NWO Domain TTW before Thursday January 25th, 2018, 14.00 CE(S)T via the online application system ISAAC. Applications not submitted via ISAAC will not be considered.

Of note, please contact Partnership coordinator of the H.I.P. consortium as soon as possible and discuss the fit of your project idea to the programme.

The documents related to the Partnership Call: “To improve yield, quality and stability of potato production”, can be found through the following links:

Call text (including appendices)
Form Application Full Proposal
Form Financial Planning
Form Data Management
Form Declaration Main Applicant

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