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Top sector: Water

Maritime technologies and operations; impact on marine environment, delta-technology, water management, water technology


Technology foundation STW will open, starting March 3rd of 2014, a call for proposals that fit within the research and innovation agendas of the top consortia for knowledge and innovation (TKI) within the top sector Water.

This call is an implementation of the government policy for top sectors and it challenges researchers and entrepreneurs to develop the fundamental knowledge that will allow technological breakthroughs and innovative applications.

An explicit link with one of the teams in the innovation contracts of the TKIs (Delta technology, Maritime or Water Technology) is required. These themes are:

For Deltatechnology:
• Water safety 
• Water management
• Sustainable design, management and maintenance

For Maritime:
• Extraction of natural resources and fuels at sea (mining and other extraction)
• Clean ships (fuels, fuel saving and emissions)
• Smart and safe sailing (special purpose ships, defence, safety)
• Effective infrastructure (interaction between ships, harbour infrastructure and shipping lanes)

For Watertechnology:
• Drinking, and industrial waste water
• Waste water treatment
• Transport and storage
• Novel water sources
• Reclaiming of minerals and organic matter
• Energy production
• Sensoring & Control
• Water systems

For a full description of these themes, please refer to the call text and the individual innovation contracts/research agendas:
Deltatechnology innovation agenda, additional document on Deltatech innovation clusters 
Maritime innovation agenda
Watertechnology innovation agenda


The budget for the call is 4.0 million Euros, excluding the contributions of private parties (co-financing).

Call specifics

The deadline for submission of proposals is May 27, 2014 (AM 11:59 h). The review procedure is intended to be concluded within six months. When there are many proposals, a pre selection may be part of the procedure and it may take longer to conclude.

The proposals are subject to the following minimum conditions:

  • Projects must fit with at least one of the items on the innovation and research agendas of the TKI Delta technology, the TKI Maritime or the TKI Water technology.
  • The STW contribution to the project cannot exceed € 750,000.
  • The total costs of a project, including co-financing, cannot exceed € 1500,000.
  • Co-financing (cash + in-kind) constitutes at least 30% of the total project costs.
  • Cash co-financing is equal to at least 15% of the total cash requirements for the project.

The general conditions, as well as the intellectual property policies of STW apply to the Water2014 call and its ensuing grants.

Applicants are encouraged to submit projects that cross the individual TKI, or even top sector boundaries.

Submission of proposals

Only proposals that have a clear contribution to at least one innovation contract of the three TKI's will be admissible. Fit into the innovation cotnract is determinec prior to submission of the full proposals on the basis of the "Form for the assessment of relevance to TKI Innovation contract".

Deadline for submission of this assessment form is 21 April 2014, 11.59 hrs. (noon!)

Only full proposals that are submitted using Iris will be entered in to the review procedure (zie the button on the left of this page).

The deadline for submission of full proposals is 27 May 2014, 11.59 hrs. (noon!).

Required documents are:



For further information on this call, please contact one of the STW Program Managers:
Dr. Ron Winkler or Ruben Sharpe

For more information about:
Willem Bruggeman (
Kees Roest (

Marnix Krikken (

Disclaimer: The call specifics are more fully elaborated in the call text. The conditions in the call text take precedence over the information on this website.



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