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Life Sciences with Industry Workshop

Dutch and European research policy is increasingly stressing the coupling of academic research to industrial R&D. To be effective, mutual understanding between the two worlds is essential. The workshop Life Sciences with Industry at the Lorentz Center in Leiden aims to contribute to such understanding by exposing young investigators in the life sciences in academia to application-oriented research challenges of Dutch industry. Vice versa we intend to immerse investigators in industry in the world of publicly funded research. The workshop aims to attract young academic scientists and a number of investigators from the participating industries. Groups of participants will concentrate on application-oriented scientific challenges that are formulated by the industrial participants.
The workshop will be held at the Lorentz Center in Leiden.
Life Sciences with Industry 2017
We invite researchers (especially PhD students and postdocs) from all branches of the life sciences to participate in the one-week Lorentz workshop Life Sciences with Industry 2017 in Leiden: April 3 - 7, 2017. During the workshop, the about 24 participants will tackle in groups of eight, three scientifically challenging and commercially important problems formulated by the following three companies:
Genomic selection, genome-wide selection or genomic prediction in vegetables
DNA data storage: reading and writing data in DNA in fast and cost-effective way
Getting the taste of alcohol in alcohol-free drinks
The workshop will take place in Leiden in the building of the Lorentz Center, an organisation that specialises in organising scientific workshops.
To create multi-disciplinary teams, participants will be selected based on their (i) specific background, (ii) motivation to participate, and (iii) date of registration (first come first served).
Please register on the Lorentz Center website. Deadline: Sunday March 19, 2017.
Free of charge
Participation is free of charge, including hotel accommodation, lunches and two dinners during the workshop. The workshop is sponsored by the Lorentz Center, the Research School BioSBNWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences and the three companies involved.
More information
Contact Gerda Filippo at the Lorentz Center ( / +31 71 5275401).
We hope to welcome you on April 3rd 2017.
The organisers:
• Dr. Gökhan Ertaylan, Maastricht University
• Dr. Karen van Eunen, University of Groningen
• Dr. Ellen Feddes, NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences, Utrecht
• Prof. Dr. Bas Teusink, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
• Prof. Dr. em. Roel van Driel, Universiteit van Amsterdam